$647.00 USD

Ancient Wisdom to Heal our Modern time (One Time Payment)

In this 7 weeks journey, you will:

  • Understand how intuition, caring, nurturing, good relationship, and renewal of life were the underlying values of the earliest and most successful civilization ever created on this plane
  • Realize that degraded masculine values and behaviors have brought us to the brink of extinction
  • Understand how women’s governance and spiritual leadership made long-term peace and sustainability possible, even as populations increased exponentially
  • Discover ways of bringing our world back into balance based on the model of Old Europe and the egalitarian Danube Culture
  • Modify your outlook on female authority in society and reassess your own life in regard to this contemporary challenge
  • Align your true nature with your professional and personal skills to envision and create new (ancient) imprints on earth.
  • Commit to a manifestation of this vision in real life right now as an antidote to the hopelessness and helplessness felt by so many in this time.